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Personal assist and cases analysis

A detailed analysis of your case
with a real algorithm of actions.

Personal assist

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It is possible to use Google, Yandex, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook in different ways. Someone sales a product to the end-user, other one — maintains an image. No matter what goal you have, it’s important to unleash the potential of all ad platforms.

It is important to know how to find the target audience and how to communicate with them to turn theirs like or click into a purchase.

Personal assist allows you to analyze your case and to choose the best steps for the promotion of your business in the social media and search engines.

We will analyze the basic sales funnel for your business at all the advertising platforms.

1. Analysis and audit

  • Detailed analysis of the Instagram profile.
  • Detailed analysis of Facebook and VK pages.

2. Audit and website optimization.

  • Setup of Yandex Metrics, Google Analytics, FB and VK pixels.
  • SERM audit — reviews and references.

3. Packaging and USP

  • Target audience segmentation.
  • Identifying the USP and the benefits of the business.
  • Analysis of the content for the positioning on the Internet.
  • Content working tools.

4. Ad campaigns audit

  • Detailed audit of current ad campaigns.

5. Social media

  •  Instagram and Facebook promotion strategy.
  • VK promotion strategy.
  • Retargeting.
  • Chat-bots, CRM and call-tracking analysis.

6. Google and Yandex Contextual advertising.

  • Search advertising.
  • Media advertising at GDN and YAN.
  • Video-advertising at Yandex and YouTube.
  • Remarketing of website visitors.

Practical knowledge
Immersion into you case
2 hours
Work together

At the end of the consultation you will get a detailed algorithm of actions for your business in your region.

Head of EMIND Alex Slobodzian at EventConf ’19

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